Online CAD Format Conversion

What is CADBlend?

CADBlend is a collection of apps that allow a user to manipulate and convert files between DWG or DXF to other formats. All conversion software is online based with no download necessary and works on all computers using a modern browser.

What do I need to do?

Select an app from either the home page or the ribbon at the bottom of each page and follow the on-screen instructions. Each app has its own description that will help a user to understand how it works and what the requirements are.

Are these apps safe to use?

Security and privacy is built into the site's core to ensure no loss or compromise of your data.

CADBlend uses a three step process to ensure the security and integrity of your data:

  • All data transferred between a user and CADBlend is encrypted using the HTTPS protocol.
  • All uploaded files are scanned for malware and verified prior to any changes being made.
  • Finally all files, both uploaded and output, are automatically deleted when they're no longer required.

How long before my files are automatically deleted?

All uploads are deleted immediately when they are no longer required, i.e. an app has finished processing with it. All output files can be deleted manually by the user when they have been downloaded, or will be automatically deleted after approximately 30 minutes.