DWG/DXF to PNG Converter

Convert an Autodesk DWG or DXF formatted file to a PNG image.

  • Maximum number of files: 1
  • Maximum file size: 25MB
  • Valid uploadable file types: .DWG, .DXF
Step 1: Select and Upload Files (Click or Drag-n-Drop)
Step 2: Specify Optional Variables:
Enable antialiasing
Set the background colour as hex code (e.g. "#000000")
Enable colour correction to prevent white on white or black on black painting
Flatten to 2D (Z==0)
Set bitmap height to value in pixels (min 1, max 9999)
Set linetype scale (min 0.0001, max 9999).
Set auto zoom margin to value in pixels (min 0, max 9999)
Monochrome (black and white)
Don't add additional margin to compensate for lineweight
Draw zero point (origin)
Set the image quality / compression. (0=best compression, 100=best quality)
Recompute dimension blocks if empty (dimensions rendered with best compatibility)
Set rendering resolution to value in pixels per drawing unit (min 1, max 9999)
Change input data from drawing units to the given unit [in|m|mm]. Default is the drawing unit. Mainly useful for drawings with unit 'None'
Set bitmap width to value in pixels (min 1, max 9999)
Zoom to given window X, Y, W, H (min 1, 1, 1, 1 to max 9999, 9999, 9999, 9999
Auto zoom to maximum extends of all layers
Step 3: Are You Alive?
Step 4: Process Files

What Does This App Do?

Transform a single computer aided design (CAD) drawing file (DWG or DXF) into a single Portable Network Graphics (PNG) image file that can be downloaded directly from this site. There are two ways to upload files:

  • Click on the file box to open the upload dialog window.
  • Drag files across over the file box.

Time Requirements

The time required to process DWG or DXF drawings into PNG files can be anywhere from a few seconds to a few of minutes depending on the complexity of the input drawing. The more detailed or large the drawing to convert, the longer the process will take!

What Are The Limitations?

The maximum file upload size is 25MB. The input file can be either a DWG drawing file or a DXF drawing interchange file.

The following file formats are accepted:

  • DWG - An open but proprietary CAD drawing format developed by Autodesk.
  • DXF - Drawing Exchange Format, developed by Autodesk for transferring drawings between programs.

What Interpretation Engine Do You Use?

This app uses QCAD, a CentOS Linux based open source 2D design and drafting program, to open the uploaded file and to output to the image.

Is My Data Safe?

All connections between the browser and the server are encrypted using HTTPS and verified using an SSL certificate. All uploaded files undergo virus and malware scanning.

All uploads are scanned for malware and shall be automagically deleted after processing has been completed. For peace of mind, users can also manually delete the output files from the server when they're no longer required.